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Tracy Hannigan helped me fix my frozen shoulder and I’m so grateful. If I could give her 10 stars I would. I first went to see Tracy in December 2015. I was in a great deal of pain and I was feeling nervous because I know how long these injuries can take to heal. Tracy very gently manipulated my shoulder and gradually the movement increased. She was also always positive with me, which massively helped because I felt undermined by being in such pain and with the lack of movement. It would have been so easy for me to have given up hope. I cannot thank her enough and I highly recommend her.

Deva Palmier

I went to Tracy with the start of a frozen shoulder some months ago. I’ve had two before and I know how awful they are. She has been amazing. Reassuring, constructive and encouraging. It’s now well in the mend and I owe it to Tracy. In just a few sessions she turned it around and saved me from months of misery. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

John Griffin

Thank you, Tracy, for treating my frozen shoulder. Thank you for the relaxed and friendly treatment. When I started with Tracy, it was my seventh month, I had tried a Chiropractor and though it helped with some pains, the shoulder remained totally stiff and stuck. After second treatment with Tracy, through gentle manipulation, I started getting my movements back. Though I still have inflammation in the capsulitis at the front so it is still painful, the treatment is relaxed, and absolutely without any pain. With every session I can see me shoulder gets some more and more movements back. Thank you again.

Adriana Svab

I know what it feels like to not be able to dress yourself, not be able to pick up your children, and not be able to play or work or sleep without shoulder pain.

I can help you.

Can you pick up your children?

Do you have to tell your young one ‘no’ when they want up?

Need to lighten your load?

Do you have to ask for help carrying the shopping or when getting dressed?

Have you stopped playing?

Have you stopped being able to swing, throw or do your shoulder stands?

Can you sleep without pain?

Can you get to sleep and stay asleep?

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You are in pain and I’ve been there too.  Shoulder pain can be completely debilitating.

Unable to dress, unable to play, unable to pick up a kettle —  and unable to pick up my son.

I understand you. I’m also an osteopath who has also trained in the treatment and rehabilitation of shoulder pain, so you can get back to living the active life you want to live.

Book in today and let me help you get better faster.

An old shoulder injury had started to get painful and affect my upper arm. It was getting extremely painful and I could not play sport, let alone play with my 3 young children. Tracy’s approach was to treat surrounding areas first before treating the shoulder. She then explained some stretches that would help recovery. It worked a charm and i’m back on the tennis court again. Tracy was friendly, a very intuitive listener and very professional. I thoroughly recommend her.

Steve Parkinson

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