Tracy Hannigan, Osteopath

NAT Master Practitioner

I’m looking forward to helping you.

I’m a trained osteopath with a background in medicine and psychology and I have always enjoyed treating people with shoulder pain and shoulder problems.

I trained in the use of the Neil Asher Technique back in 2013 and became one of the first Niel Asher Master Practitioners, using the technique for frozen shoulder and complex shoulder problems.

I use these techniques, sports massage and evidence based rehabilitation – as well as postural and ergonomics advice – to help you get better and stay better.

Feel better, get better, stay better.

I welcome your call.  You can book in for a phone call or a meet and greet to get to know me, with absolutely no obligation.  Just hit the book now button.

Through incredible reassurance, some careful but effective manipulation and a very good ongoing exercise regime and dialogue, the shoulder hasn’t been allowed to freeze and is now well on the mend. I have done about 6 sessions with her, far fewer than I have had for previous frozen shoulders, when I got in there too late and had poor results. I cannot recommend this technique with her highly enough.


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