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What's an Osteopath?
Osteopaths are regulated healthcare professionals just like doctors, midwives and nurses are. Osteopaths use a patient focused and hands on approach to restoring, maintaining and promoting health and wellbeing.  Osteopathy is highly regarded. Osteopathy will help you live better and can treat or help a range of health problems including back pain, neck pain, muscle aches, joint problems and more.


What is the Niel Asher Technique?
The Niel Asher Technique is a gentle, effective way of helping with frozen shoulder and other shoulder problems. The technique uses a combination of pressure, movement and exercise in order to create change in the shoulder.  I have trained as a Master Practitioner in the technique and have helped many people with frozen shoulder recover to their fullest potential more rapidly than without treatment.


This is just one of the hands on range of techniques for shoulder problems.  I’ll always give mobility, exercise and ergonomics advice as dictated by your situation so you can improve as rapidly as possible.

Will It Hurt?
Sometimes temporary mild discomfort can happen during treatment, but you shouldn’t feel ‘pain’. Please always tell me if you are uncomfortable or in pain during a session. The goal is to work with your body in a way that is not painful, so as to help ‘break the pain cycle’.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?
The number of sessions generally depends on what is wrong with your shoulder and, if you have a frozen shoulder, what phase of Frozen Shoulder you are currently experiencing. We can discuss this at your appointment after I examine you. I’ll never overtreat you and if I feel you’d be better helped by a different technique or approach I’ll tell you.

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